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About United Industries, Inc.

Since our beginning in 1946, it has been our imagination, resourcefulness, ingenuity and experience that have caused us to grow. We at United Industries, Inc., are convinced that our greatest potential lies in the willingness and ability to exploit the knowledge and experience gained from past assignments. Such continual evaluation leads to new approaches, new materials and new methods with which to accomplish these tasks.

With several specialized departments working together, United offers a fully coordinated effort on all client projects. United's "first-of-a-kind" experience and service in the fields of product development, presentation and manufacture meet customer requirements for know-how, quality, delivery and costs.

Craftsmen of United Industries The Craftsmen of United Industries...
Are more than just expert model makers. We support the most recognized New England companies through the demands of product design and introduction. Whether you need engineering test models, patterns for investment castings, molds for plastics production or even cutaway models for demonstrations, we are here to help. Think of us as an extension of your product development team and give us a call anytime.

United Industries, Inc.